A unique approach towards a Fulfilled and Happy Life
My passion is inspiring individuals to find the courage to live a life that is authentic, free, embodied and vibrant. My personal experience and my skills as a Reiki Master, a Past Life and  Soul Regression Therapist, a Shamanic practitioner, a teacher, a Mentor, an entrepreneur and an international visual artist,  give me a unique approach. I offer you a haven of peace, where you can to let go, connect with your true self and find support and healing in a caring environment. I also run regularly courses and retreats to give you the tools to create the life you wish, maintain optimal health and release the subconscious emotional blocks that hold you back from success and happiness.
Many of the courses and modalities complement each other, giving you the opportunity to combine them to create your own path. If you are not sure where to start contact me for a free 30 mn Mentoring consultation. To be notified about our upcoming workshops in Australia and overseas, read the latest news about health and wellbeing and connect with other like-minded friends join us on Facebook.

family reiki sunshine coast workshops and treatments Living Inspired has been designed for everyone in search of fresh motivation, change and healing. There are times in life when we feel that we have reached a turning point and that we need to reassess our goals in order to move forward. Change is part of our life journey and my mission is to help you to access your inner wisdom and creativity, discover your unique talents and passions, detect and change the beliefs that hold you back and guide you toward a more inspired and healthier life.


Reiki Courses and Treatments

I teach regularly all levels of the traditional Usui system of  Reiki as well as Reiki and Crystals , Reiki For Children, Reiki and Aromatherapy on my property located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Many students choose to travel and to stay two days in this pristine environment to enjoy a deeply healing and a relaxing connection with nature (for accommodation contact me). I also teach and offer treatments in Melbourne, Singapore and Paris.
Learning Reiki, ‘universal life force’,  is a powerful personal healing experience and the first step toward self -realisation. The Usui system of Reiki, named by his founder Dr. Mikao Usui “The secret art of inviting happines” is a simple yet powerful form of healing and transformation.  Practicing Reiki or receiving a treatment releases and clears energy blocks, increases your energy, strength and health and enhances your own spiritual connection and enthusiasm for life.
‘Christine is a certified member of Reiki Australia and IICT, and a respected and experienced instructor. She teaches regularly all levels of Reiki: Shoden Level I, Okuden Level II and Shinpiden Level III (Master-A and Master/Teacher -B). Her professionalism, knowledge and commitment has gained her a broad follow up in Australia and overseas’. (Read some testimonials.)

I also offer other powerful treatments and Initiations: Intuitive Healing, Past Life and Soul Regression Therapy, Journeying and Soul Retrieval, Munay Ki Shamanic Initiation.  Any question? Contact me.


Workshops and Retreats

Each of our events has been conceived to provide you with the tools and guidelines for optimum health and personal growth. You will learn, experience and find the confidence, and the motivation, to take back control on your health, your wellbeing and your spirituality. You will develop strategies to empower yourself and master your life. I believe that developing imagination and intuition is an essential step to manifest the life we wish. It allows us to expand our intuitive skills and to create new neural pathways, the key to profound and real transformation.

Courses are a great opportunity to listen to your needs and wants, to have fun, to receive support and learn new skills. You will also enjoy beautiful Organic, mostly Raw,  food, meet people on the same path, share the journey and be inspired.  Change Your Brain focus on understanding the influence of our thoughts and emotions on our physical health, Sense the World: Beyond the physical allows you to sharpen your intuitive skills and develop your extra sensory abilities, Awaken Your Power allows you to manifest your dreams.

Retreats A special moment, in a bubble of peace, join one of our exclusive retreats or organise Your Own Personal Retreat. May be you feel tired, overwhelmed and need some time in a special place to reconnect with yourself or with your partner? A great opportunity to rest, receive guidance, detox and eat beautiful organic food, explore your soul journey during a Past Life Regression and/or allow the Reiki energy to bring you back to balance and complete relaxation. If you wish to organise a getaway tailored to your needs and at a very reasonable rate contact me.

Personal Mentoring

In addition to the workshops, I also offer Mentoring in person or via skype or phone for those wishing to get support to achieve their goals. Do you feel low in energy and need help to initiate the change? Are you fighting against self-defeating patterns? Depression? Anxiety? Weight issues? My task as a Mentor is to guide you to alter your beliefs, reassess your goals and give you the confidence to look at life with a renewed sense of joy and purpose. Mentoring Sessions are tailored to respond to your individual needs, they allow you to progress fast and stay focus on your path. I offer a free 30mn consultation to discuss where you are at now and assess your needs and intentions.

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Why not decide to make everyday an opportunity to grow and embrace life with joy? We all have an Inner Teacher and once we learn to connect to this place of inner-knowing, life starts flowing, our brain starts changing. We move from a place of reaction to a place of Acceptance and Peace, a place where we feel aligned to our destiny. I am committed to offer you the guidance and support to help you open this door.



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