Alive and Shining one day Retreat

An Uplifting day of Discovery and Healing

This very special day has been carefully planned to allow you to enjoy new levels of energy and vitality and to re-ignite your passion for life. Being as healthy and happy as we can is a choice and a way of life. It starts by giving the best to our body: beautiful nutritious food, clean water, physical activity, fresh air…

WorkshopsIt is also being mindful of our negative emotions, our thoughts, understanding where they come from and learning how to change them.

If you wish to feel more vibrant, optimise your health, protect yourself from negative influences and learn about food and superfood Alive and Shining is for you!

The day will be shared between powerful practices, issues from Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork, Affirmations and Visualisation to help you clear and uplift your energy, heartfelt reminders and clear teachings for you to implement in your daily life. Learn how to let go of stress and build your Prana or Chi energy; this amazing power, which lies sleeping within you is waiting the opportunity to expand! A strong Chi prevents or mitigates disease and promotes physical and emotional health, mental clarity and stamina.

Alive and Shining is an amazing opportunity to:

  • Spend the day with two dedicated and skilled practitioner
  • Release stress and limitations
  • Learn new tools to implement into your daily life
  • Receive guidance and set your personal goals
  • Experience a real break with like minded people
  • Let go of limitations and reconnect with your deeper self
  • Enjoy beautiful High Raw food in a pristine environment

Your hosts Christine and Bodhi offer you to experience deep energy clearing on all levels through guided transformational activities before leading you into an uplifting day of discovery. You will take with you tools to implement in your daily life for lasting change.

Christine has an incredible talent to inspire and motivate. She shares with passion her extensive knowledge and amazing professional experience. She is a certified Reiki Master, a Past Life and Soul Regression Therapist, a Mentor, an Intuitive and Shamanic Healer, an international Visual Artist and so much more!

Bodhi’ s passion for life is contagious and his presence as a teacher is uplifting, joyful and deeply encouraging. A dedicated surfer, psychosomatic therapist, yoga therapist, Reiki practitioner and lifestyle coach.

When: TBA
Price: $159

Bring a friend or your partner: $272 ($136 p/p)

Including beautiful nutritious high Raw Lunch and afternoon tea.

Please note that you need to book for catering purposes.

Additional Treatments and Accommodation possible on the Friday or Saturday night for details contact me.

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