Awaken Your Power

Start living the life you want to live today

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Is it time to start aligning with your soul’s true path?

What would you like to attract in your life? Love, abundance or may be health? Are you bored. depressed, ignoring the messages from your heart, your body, your friends?
Everything is energy. Each thought we have sends around us an energetic message. When you feel confident and happy, you attract the right people and experiences into your life. When you have negative thoughts and see yourself as a victim, your life reflects the same.

The good news is that you can learn to switch on your personal power, connect deeply with your heart and and start manifesting the life you are dreaming of.

During this workshop you will discover the 7 keys to empower yourself

A day of practice and transformation. We will use the healing energy of Reiki and sound, Powerful Visualisations, high vibration Essential Oils, Mudras, Positive Affirmations….
Next workshop on the Sunshine Coast: TBA

(From 10 am to 2:00 pm)

Price: $90

Bring a friend and save $20 each

Price for 2: $140

Join us and awaken your power!

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