A Clear Throat Chakra, Express Your Truth Easily

THROAT CHAKRA: Thruth, Clarity, Sincerity, Expressing Who You Are
The 5th chakra is named Visuddha, which means Purity. It is the chakra of the spiritual body. It governs communication, hormonal balance and personal magnetism. When energy is flowing and throat chakra cleared, you are inspired and inspiring, sincere, truthful, your voice is clear and you can express your unique voice guided by your higher consciousness.
There are many ways of expressing the depth of who we are. A balanced throat chakra allows us to share our feelings and emotions, to voice our opinion and take responsibility for our life, to access knowledge and share it. Creativity and all forms of artistic expression are also connected to this chakra.

The throat chakra is also associated with abundance, and with the state of consciousness called Grace, where we open to receiving, acceptance and trust. What you wish seems to be also is also what Spirit wants for you. Ask, and you shall receive. The more you listen to your intuition, the more life seems to flow and the Universe supports you in all that you do.

Parts of the body associated with the 5th chakra include the throat, the vocal chords, bronchial apparatus, the oesophagus, the thyroid gland, and the sense of hearing.
The colour is light blue and the element is Ether, the subtlest physical element, corresponding to what we find in deep space. The Ether is the crossover between the physical and the spiritual dimensions.
Crystals: Turquoise, blue lace agathe, larimar, blue topaz, chrysocolla.

If you find difficult to express your feelings and find your voice, your throat chakra might be blocked. On the physical side symptoms can be a frequent sore throat and cough, imbalance of the thyroid gland and a feeling of frustration. You expect others to understand what you are unable to express.

A Reiki Session or Intuitive treatment can clear, rebalance and energise all your chakras and the effect on your life can be very spectacular!

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