Dare to Shine in 2017

Create an empowered new year
Let’s welcome 2017 and its promise of a fresh start and endless possibilities and get ready for the Full Moon in Cancer to align ourself with the New Year energy.

Many of us have experienced significant change in their life and their vibration. I invite you to gather together to prepare for this new cycle. Are you ready to tune into the beautiful vibration of the 1?
2017, will be a year of New Beginnings, Healing and Inner Gift.

Dare to ShineWhat do you need to change? How can you bring your gifts to the world?
Is it time for you to follow your heart guidance and align your life to your soul ‘s purpose?

What would you like to manifest for the coming year? Is there anything you need to release and let go?Is there anything you wish to heal?

The Full Moon in Cancer connects us to the feminine energy. Cancer is a water sign characterised by sensitivity, desire to nurture, a profound intuition and the will to lead the way.  We will use Reiki and Shamanic Energy, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Visualisation to clear the path and raise our vibration. We will set intentions and goals to give power to the vision that will sustain you and bring you joy.

When: 14/01/17 (from 10 am to 1 pm)
Price: $45


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