Dream the World Shamanic Workshop

A powerful tool of personal and global transformation

“We can access the ancient wisdom that the shamans and healers from around the world have developed over millennia to empower us to literally change the form and content of our minds and bodies, and to create a whole new pattern of possibility.”

~John Perkins

“When we are born, we have two books. One is written, the other one is blank.”

~Alberto Villoldo

I invite you to explore and understand the implication of your past and our society’s unconscious dream on your life. This workshop will allow you to awaken a larger spectrum of your consciousness and clear the unconscious programming that prevent you from accessing the power of your soul fully.

You will experiment powerful tools that will allow you to access the power of your mind, reset your energy system to start living fearlessly, and liberate amazing abilities for transforming your story and even your genetic inheritance into a powerful Dream.

You will understand that if we learn to dream together we can change the world around us and recreate the garden of Eden.


During the day, you will learn and experience

·       A state of meditative expanded consciousness and bliss

·       Resetting your fight or flight system

·       Expanding your Wira Cocha (Luminous field)

·       Becoming conscious of your story and beliefs

·       Journeying through the Lower and Upper World to start creating the future

·       Contact and communication with your Spiritual Guides and Power Animals.

·       The importance of diet on your energy body

This workshop is open to participants who already had some previous shamanic experience and/or wish to find another way to expand their consciousness and learn about the truth of other realities. Shamanic Journeying is a powerful tool for practitioners and non- practitioners alike.

When: 25/02/18 from 10 to 4pm

Price: $120

Early bird pay before 18/01/18

Price: $100

Places are limited, please book early. Any questions contact me.

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