Five Essential Keys To Optimise Your Health and Life

Many things have a big impact on our health and our happiness. Here are some essential keys that you can apply yourself. Surround yourself with health practitioners you trust and can help you and don’t forget, never give up!

1/Reduce Stress
Neuroscience has demonstrated the link between stress, your immune system and the creation of unwelcome symptoms of ill health. Usual approaches to health care don’t address stress-related symptoms. Reiki, Aromatherapy, yoga, meditation and change of lifestyle can help you to relax deeply, gain more clarity, increase your energy and improve your physical and emotional health.

2/Optimal Hydration
Our bodies are 70% water. Pure alkaline water is the main fluid we should be replenishing our bodies with. Keeping well hydrated helps the kidneys eliminate toxins. When we ingest fluids we should help our bodies detoxify, not add toxins. Chlorine is a powerful oxidising agent (produces free radicals) and may contribute to heart disease. Other contaminants that are frequently found in tap water include industrial chemicals, lead (from pipes) and organisms. I suggest where possible you use filtered water.
“Ensuring an adequate intake of pure alkaline water is the single most important practice anyone can begin to improve their health ” ~ Dr Emerson
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3/Vital Nutrition and Detoxification
There are 3 components to vital nutrition- detoxification, eating for health and nutritional supplements. Food that has been polluted with chemical fertilizers and pesticides will stress our body. It will have to work harder to purify the chemicals every time we eat and it will become toxic.
Ideally we should eat whole, organic unrefined foods, and raw vegetables and fruits should represent as much as 70% of our meals. Cooking destroys many vital nutrients, particularly antioxidants.
Food is a celebration of life. Make it colourful, delicious, convivial and creative!
Use Nutritional Supplements: A balanced diet alone doesn’t provide us with sufficient vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to optimise our health.
Detoxification is essential for health and wellbeing. Toxins build in our bodies through the foods we eat and the air we breath, as well as mental toxins through stress and overstimulation. Toxins affect our digestion, sleep, mood, mental capacity and energy. Removing toxins can be easeful in the right environment and with the right support.
Read more and easy recipe for detox
4/Exercise – Best time to exercise is first thing in the morning (it increases metabolic rate, mental alertness high for the rest of the day, improves mood)
Choose different exercises that work differently to maintain and practice:
-Flexibility, lung function, oxygenation, strength.
(Yoga, Pilates,Tai Chi, Qi Gong)
-Aerobic exercise to Improve cardiovascular function, reduce cholesterol, elimination of toxins and metabolic acids, release endorphins that improve mood, reduce stress, increase insulin sensitivity, strengthen bones, keep healthy weight
-Anaerobic Exercise -Resistance training to build muscle mass and avoid muscle loss associated with aging. Metabolic rate is increased, blood pressure lowered, and bone density increased.

5/ChangeYour Mind – Transform Your Life
Our thoughts and emotions affect our physical, mental and emotional health. Healing comes when we understand and acknowledge our beliefs and commit to transform the way we think.
There are many ways of cultivating a positive mind. It starts by deciding to take responsibility for our life and to understand that nothing is written forever.
Learning Reiki and implementing the Reiki way of life is amazing. One on One Mentoring sessions also allow to progress very fast. Whatever you choose, commit to it and be surprised!
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