Heart or Light Meditation

Cultivate Peace, Love and Compassion

Our heart chakra is the door to expansive love and the bridge between body and spirit. When we connect to our heart we develop our ability to give and receive love. We also become open to spiritual love, often called unconditional love. The Heart Light meditation is a beautiful and easy way to bring peace, to help us release grief and anger and develop compassion and forgiveness.
What emotions do you still need to heal? Who do you need to forgive?

Sit in a comfortable position. Focus on a light in front of you. When you are totally concentrated on it, say: “I see the Light”.  Then gently close your eyes and bring the Light into your chest at heart level (Heart Chakra), against the spine.  Then spread that light upwards to fill in the upper part of your body (chest, arms, hands, throat, neck, jaws, tongue, nose, eyes, ears and brain) always from the Heart, and then you spread that light downwards into belly, pelvis, legs and feet.

When you feel full of that light coming from your Heart, say: “The Light is in me”.  Focus on the Light at the top of your head and start expanding the light outside yourself all around you, like a big cocoon of light, make it bigger and bigger, take in everything, your loved ones, humans, animals, nature, the earth, the oceans, everything constructed by mankind, the whole of the Earth; then the Moon, the planets, the Sun, the stars.

Spread that light from your Heart and Head as far as you can imagine.  Then you say: “I am the Light of the World”.  You come back when you wish and place the Light in your chest.

Some specific use of the Light Meditation:  when you have a pain or a problem, be it physical or psychological, you can get rid of it with the Light.  This is what you do:  first, see the Light outside you, then close your eyes and bring the Light into your Heart Chakra against the spine (the forward part not the back); it is at the level of the breast bone situated between the two breasts.  When you feel well focused on that internal light, open your eyes and see your problem outside yourself, in front or right or left and put it behind you as far as it will go.  See it shredded, burnt, put it into the rubbish bin, etc. Then close your eyes and see the Light inside you.  Take your time experiencing the feeling of the Light inside you, then open your eyes again and look at your problem.  If it is still there repeat the above. Usually, three movements should be enough, but sometimes more to start with; eventually, as you become used to the process, you will find that one movement is sufficient.  It is also important to repeat the exercise until the “image” of the problem has totally disappeared in every regard.

Remember that this light that you see in your Heart Chakra is, in fact, Love – not needy love, but expansive Love.  It is the opposite of fear.  Keep practicing until it becomes part of you.

Affirmation: I allow myself to give and receive love. I welcome in my heart forgivenes, gratitude and compassion.

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