Intuitive Healing

An empowering and deeply transformational experience

My passion is combining spirituality and intuition with the modalities I have chosen to work with. I love the very special energy of Intuitive Healing Sessions, when I allow my higher-self and my guides to step in. Each session is Unique, each patient’s energy resonates differently and each of them get a personal answer to clear, re-tune and lift
inspired-viewtheir energy and guide them to the next step of  their path.

I often have the impression to be a conductor playing a symphony for my client and I experience the joy of being carried away by a divine and magical force, which weave the amazing healing frequencies of Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, Chromotherapy,  high vibrational essential oils, Channelling, Journeying, Soul retrieval, Spiritual guidance…. where and when it is needed.


A profound and powerful healing experience for the body, mind, spirit.

Price*: 1 hour/1,5 hour Session $120

*Prices are in Australian Dollars, for booking from other countries contact me.

To book for a Treatment Ph: 0418 188 210 or use our contact form>>

The healing power of human voice

During the session I use my voice to tone and sing following my intuition to address their individual specific need. We are all composed of energies resonating at different frequencies and each of our chakra has a specific energy frequency. The healing power of sound in the vibration of the human voice has been, and still is, used by many different cultures from Tibetan toning to Mantra Yoga and Shamanic practice.  Sacred sound is very powerful and has the power to bring balance and harmony on all levels. It brings a deep relaxation, which help to feel peaceful, to become aware of emotions brought to the surface during the session, to stimulate creativity and joy.
Please note that your appointment time has been allocated especially to you. If you are unable to attend 24 hours notice is required. Check our booking policy – thank you.

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