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communication crystal pouch

Communication Crystal Pouch

Improve your communication skills, clear your throat chakra and your thyroid gland. By ensuring you have a healthy throat area you assist truthful and honest expression of your ideas and your creativity.

Price: $14.90

Free delivery *

love crystal pouch

Love Crystal Pouch

Attract more love in your life. A perfect gift to share the love. The vibration of the pink ray will soothe and open the heart chakra. ‘ love and accept myself. I receive and I give love’.


Price: $14.90

Free delivery*


energy crystal pouch

Energy Crystal Pouch

These crystals will help clearing and energising your solar plexus, sacral and root chakras and bring back courage, motivation, strength and happiness.

‘I digest life easily.’ Great for any digestive issues.

Price: $15.90

Free delivery *

detox crystal pouch

Detox Crystal Pouch

A great combination of powerful crystals like Iolite, Smoky Quartz and Pietersite to support the process of detoxification on all levels. A fabulous help with addictions and cravings.

Price: $$14.90

Free delivery *

abundance crystal pouch

Abundance Crystal Pouch

Do you wish to manifest more abundance and prosperity in your life? Set your intentions and meditate with these crystals or place them near the door of your house. Use affirmations: ‘I attact abundance, joy and prosperity in my life.’

Price: $14.90

Free delivery*

Add the fabulous Abundance™ Young Living Oil created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us and attract a wealth of possibilities.

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sage smudge spray

Sage Smudge Spray

The benefits of smudging without the smoke. Clear and lift the energy of your house, office, car, practitioner’s room…

Natural ingredients: white sage tincture, distilled water, organic sage essential oil, vibrational essence of black tourmaline and smoky quartz, grapefruit seed extract, gem chips of black tourmaline and black obsidian.

Price: $27.75

Free delivery

gift voucher reiki treatment

Reiki Gift Voucher

An ideal present for any occasion.

Price: $90

Free delivery

Gift Vouchers are available for all our Treatments, Courses and Retreats. They are exchangeable as full or part payment for any therapy, course, workshop offered on this website.

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the secret or life wellness

The Secret of Life Wellness

Inna Segal goes beyond physical healing to demonstrate that life wellness reflects health wellness. By answering twenty-one of life’s biggest questions, she guides you through every stage of your personal well-being and invites us to look within to find answers. A great book to accompany you on your path of healing, transformation, and evolution.

Price: $38.75

Including postage.

the secret language of your body

The Secret Language of your Body

What if you could learn the secret language of your body?An in-depth, practical resource for students, practitioners and anyone who desires a safe, easy and effective way to self-heal.

Discover the language of your body.

Price: $38.75

Including postage.

annsation water filter

Annsation Water Filter System

Annsation is offering Living Inspired clients the opportunity to receive a $30 discount on purchase of a new Alkaline Water Filter. Water is essential to life and a key element to optimise our health. Keeping well hydrated will help our kidneys eliminate toxins. The water we drink should help our body detoxify, not adding toxins.

To receive your discount, simply visit the site below and enter the coupon code: LIVINSP

Using only gravity, the 8-Stage Filtration System PURIFIES, MINERALISES, ALKALINISES and MAGNETISES your water.


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Free Gift – Meditation Visualisation Soundtrack

Journey to Eden takes you to a place of healing, serenity and nurturing. A place where you can come back anytime, for healing, renewal and to receive answers to your questions. Allow guided imagery to stimulate y imagination and your intuition.

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*Free delivery in Australia

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