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Learn Reiki: an empowering and life changing experience

The Usui System of Reiki is a transformational philosophy of life enabling each of us to achieve inner peace, happiness and better health. My mission as a Reiki Master, and Reiki Australia Member, is to provide professional Reiki healing and teaching that preserve the traditional expression of Reiki as a spiritual and personal practice. I am committed to give you the best support on your path, the number of students in each class is limited to ensure ample time for questions and practice.

Reiki “Universal life energy” is an ancient method of healing and personal growth discoved by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early nineteenth century in japan. It is a safe, non-invasive technique, which can be used to treat physical, mental and emotional imbalance in the body. Reiki helps increase energy levels, stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself, relieve pain, promotes wellbeing and brings spiritual awareness.

ReikiFace:282Reiki brings more than healing, it is a way of life, an inspiring way of “Being” bringing joy, peace and harmony at every minute of my life. I am grateful for this gift and for being able to share it. I teach each level in two days in order to allow student to grow with their practice and to give them the time, space and support to understand the impact of the Reiki Energy on their life. It is not about rushing to have a diploma it is about change, growth and authenticity.

“Ritual provides the bridge between inner and outer worlds, and creates a context for connecting to the seat of our souls. The end result of all ritual is increased balance, strength, energy and comfort.” Angeles Arrien

Embracing the Reiki philosophy is a committment to oneself to endeavour to become a better person and to use the Reiki energy with integrity. I provide free support and “meet and share Reiki” to my students. I can provide accommodation for interstate students at a special rate (for details Contact me>>)
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Reiki level I (2 day workshop)

“Shoden” the first step in the ongoing journey toward self-realization.

Participating in a Reiki course is an uplifting and happy experience which brings healing, understanding and personal growth. Reiki I initiation clears a channel allowing energy to flow and tuning the healer to a higher vibration. After being attuned this channel remains open and the energy available for the rest of your life. The focus is self-healing and integrating the Reiki philosophy.
Learn the essence of the method of Reiki, its benefits and why we need to repeat daily the precepts and practice the self-healing on ourselves. After completing Level I you will feel competent in treating yourself, friends, family and animals. You will have a chance to receive and give a healing session to practice your technique and experience the deep relaxation and insight Reiki gives you.
• The 5 precepts, Reiki history
• Practical guides for channeling Reiki energy
• Chakras clearing and Attunements
• First Symbol and Kotodama
• Workbook and Certificate included

Next courses Woombye, Sunshine Coast:

-21 and 22/04/18

Price: $275

Early bird, pay before 11/03/18 $260

Next course in Singapore and Paris:   
–  TBA contact me to apply

Reiki level II (2 day workshop)

Okkuden the “deep inside”. Students are given two new symbols and the attunement to enhance their connection to the Reiki energy. The initiation is very powerful and opens the student’s consciousness to the higher energy. We will learn how to perform distant healing.Level 2 allows you to pursue your own personal development and become a practitioner if it is your desire.

• Procedures and guidelines to be a Reiki practitioner
• Spiritual Understanding
• Master Symbols and Kotodamas
• Attunement
• Distant healing
• Workbook, Certificate and set of chakras clearing crystals included.

Next courses Woombye, Sunshine Coast:

-3 and 4/03/18 or

-19 and 20/05/18

Price: $285

*Early bird, pay before 31/01/18 or 4/04/18: $270

Next course in Melbourne, Singapore or Paris:
TBA (contact me to apply)

Reiki Master Level III – Reiki Master/Teacher Level IV

Level I & II of the Usui Reiki are a prerequisite. There are two levels of Master training – ‘Master’ level III and ‘Master/teacher’ Level IV. The Reiki Master Shinpiden ‘mystery teachings’ allows the Level II practitioners and students who wish to continue their personal journey into self development to deepen their knowledge and to receive all the signs and kotodamas of the Usui System of Reiki. The benefits of becoming a Reiki Master are many, and you don’t have to wish to teach in order for the Master training to be useful. The Master initiation and course deepens your knowledge and help you increase your personal vibration.

Reiki Master level III (2 day workshop)

• Spiritual Understanding of Being a Master
• Usuing White light Johrei
• Master Symbol Dai Ko Myo and Kotodama
• Additional treatments
• Attunement Master Level
• Giving Attunements
• Workbook, Certificate and Lineage.
• Ongoing Support

Next workshop on the Sunshine Coast:

-17 and 18/03/18 or

-2 and 3/06/18

Price: $375

Early bird, pay before 8/02/18 $360 or 15/04/18

Reiki Master-Teacher level IV (1 day + practice)

Are you ready to teach Reiki? The Teacher level consists of a full day workshop and a training, which will allow you to practice your skills and become a confident teacher during a Reiki Level I or/and II Course. It is a personal journey.

Regularly students ask me “How long do we have to wait before the level 2 or the Master?”.
The answer is simple: You need to be ready! Embracing the Reiki philosophy is a committment to oneself to endeavour to become a better person and to use the Reiki energy with integrity.
Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki lineage, wanted Reiki to be widely accessible. During the few short years that he taught, he trained over 2000 of his countrymen to practice Reiki but he only trained 16 Reiki Masters Teachers.
To organise your Master/Teacher Training Contact me>>

Price: $295

Reiki and Crystals (1 days workshop)

Crystals, gems and stones, have a long documented history of use in healing work. They are regularly employed for their inherent ability to support us on all levels and deeply enhance any treatment’s experience for both the practitioner and client.

Learn the properties of the main crystals, how to clean , charge and program them. Incorporate Crystals in your Reiki, massage or personal practice and create grids for Healing, Meditation and Crystal Activation.

Certificate Reiki and Crystals Level 1 for Reiki practitioners and other therapists.

Next workshop:

24/03/18 (10am to 4pm)

Price: $120

Bring a Friend Price $200 ($100 each):

(minimun of 3 students)

Reiki Level I for children (1 days workshop) from 5 to 11 years old.

Children.282Reiki is a very natural thing for children, they feel and connect to energy very easily. Imagine a world where children would be taught Reiki and Meditation at school and naturally would learn human values like respect, and kindness. How fabulous would it be!

During this day children will receive their Reiki I initiation and will leave with Reiki in their hands for life.

During the workshop they will:

  • Learn about Reiki -Aura, chakra and Energy
  • Practice Reiki meditation and self -healing
  • Draw and sing Reiki first symbol
  • Receive an attunement
  • Give and receive a treatment
  • Learn to give Reiki to their pet

If your child is interested and you are willing to share this day with him/her contact me
Class limited to 6 children.

Next workshop: 11/04/18 (from 10 am to 2 pm)

Price: $90


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