The Nine Rites
The Munay-Ki Initiation consists of 2 different types of Rites, the Foundation Rites and the Lineage Rites.

Rite One: Healers Rite – This is a lineage rite, connecting us to the medicine people who have come before us and establishing the recognition of the spiritual journey we have undertaken. These medicine people were aware of their ability to impact those around them through their touch or presence. Lineage rites connect us to those that came before and allow us to receive the support and assistance of the healers of all time – past and future. This rite is the activation of our ability to positively affect the people and world around us. We are connected to the lineage of Earthkeepers from the past that who assist us in our personal healing. The wounds of the past and of our ancestral line are healed during meditation and sleep time.

Rite Two: Bands of Power – Through intention, five colored bands of light are installed in the luminous energy field, consciously connecting us with the elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and pure spirit. Once installed, these bands of power act as a natural energetic system of protection, deflecting any unusable or unbeneficial energy. This energy may also be mulched by the bands and used for food. In either case, we are protected in a way that allows any old defensive, fear based or unconscious shielding to fall away. The installation of the Bands of Power creates a natural space between us and the outside world – including the onslaught of unnecessary thought forms. We become connected to everything and everyone in a new, relaxed and natural way.

Rite Three: Harmony Rite – Allies from the natural archetypal world are installed as seeds into each chakra, creating harmony, healing and transformation. These allies actively work on our behalf to cleanse any heavy energies and allow our fullness of being, our luminous body to emanate from our physical body. Performing a number of fire meditations is necessary to germinate and grow the seed. This rite affects our spiritual journey, relationships and our physical body in a positive uplifting way. Power animal energies of Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle are placed in the first four chakras. Guides to the realms of the unconscious, conscious and super conscious are placed in the remaining three chakras. Once fully activated, these allies will continuously work at removing residue of tramatic events lodged in our chakras so they can sparkle with the original light intended. Here we shed the past as the serpent sheds her skin – easily and effortlessly.

Rite Four: The Seers Rite – Five pathways of light are woven from the third eye to the visual cortex in the back of the head and two pathways of light are woven from the heart Chakra to the visual cortex. This infusion of energy is the process of the reawakening of the shaman’s sight. Our conditioned sight has to do with observations in the literal world around us. The Seer’s Rite unlocks our natural ability to receive information from the many dimensions that are part of our lives but have remained “invisible”. With this ability in place, we will see the shadow and light in ourselves and others more clearly and develop a most compassionate heart.

Rite Five: Daykeeper Rite – This is the rite of the Divine Feminine, awakening within us our feminine gifts. Male and female people can access and use the gifts of the feminine. Connecting with our feminine is essential for both men and women, before the true nature of the masculine can be embodied. Through this rite we are connected with people who have fully awakened to their nurturing ways –particularly the ability to nurture the self first. Daykeepers are the midwives of birth and death and herbalists or curanderas. Daykeepers of old, often women, kept the altars at sacred sites around the world. They knew the ceremonies, songs and performed the rituals at simple stone or wooden altars and path markers, as well as major sites like Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza. Daykeepers are able to call upon the power of these ancient altars to bring harmony and well being to the world. Daykeepers call upon sunrises and sunsets, making sure humans are in harmony with Pachamama and the respected ways of the feminine.

Rite Six: Wisdomkeepers Rite – This rite bestows the gift of the divine masculine. Medicine men and women from the past are the Wisdomkeepers who defeated death and stepped outside of time. Wisdomkeepers protect the medicine teachings, sharing them with others when appropriate. This rite helps us to step outside of time and taste infinity. The Wisdomkeeper is the part of us that seeks our own council, takes our place by the eternal fire, and is self referencing and self regulating. Powerful myths and images have left maps and road signs for us to follow. In our western world, we are driven to succeed, competing with each other and often defining that success in monetary or materialistic terms. These shallow successes are fraught with greed, wars, and abuses to the environment. When we connect to the Divine Feminine we expand and heal this single point perspective and bring cooperation in as a new paradigm for living.

Rite Seven: The Earthkeepers Rite – With this rite we are connected to the lineage of archangels and guardians of our galaxy. Healing and balance can be brought to any situation by summoning the Earthkeepers. The soul can lead the way once the divine feminine and divine masculine is brought into alignment and the ego is fulfilled. We live free of separation and see life with an expanded perspective. We fly high to the stars and see Pachamama (Mother Earth) in her fullness and entirety – all of creation is revealed to us – and we see our place within creation. This perspective enables us to nurture and act as guardians for all that is. Our visions show us the most prosperous, beautiful and loving future possible for the Earth, and we become the great dreamers and vision holders for that future. We have the ability to experience ourselves in and through the multitude of forms and beings all over the planet. The Earthkeeper Rite helps us to integrate the ways of the seer and to dream the world into being.

Rite Eight: Starkeepers Rite – This rite prepares us for the time to come and sets up our luminous body to shine with the light of the sun. The organization of Inca cosmology extends from deep within the Earth (Pachamama) to the heights of the Mountains (Apus) to the vast cosmic realm of the Stars. The Starkeeper Rite expands our being to places throughout time, out to the stars and beyond. Energy, time and space are combined as one in the work of the Starkeeper. We now have the ability to journey forward in time, into the future, and bring back what is needed, desired or required in the now. The Starkeeper rite secures us safely during the time of the great change, before, during and beyond the year 2012. Upon receiving this rite, the physical body begins to evolve into the Homo luminous body. The process of aging is slowed and we are resistant to diseases we were previously vulnerable to.

Rites Nine: Creator Rite – This is the final rite in the process of human enlightenment, awakening the God presence and light within us. Previously, this rite was unavailable to us as it was received only in a spirit to human transmission. In 2006, the Inka elders gifted us with the rite and the ability to transmit it human to human. Preparation and growing the seeds of the all the previous rites is required to contain the energy of the Creator Rite. The physical, mental and luminous body must all be in a state of preparedness. The Creator Rites sets us free by assisting us to work through issues with feminine, masculine, energy, time, space, story, and ego. We become truly free and settle in to knowing ourselves as creation itself rather than being separate from it. The soul can more fully inhabit the physical body. This is the stage of Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness and we walk on earth shining our light.

“These rites support the evolution of humanity and call us to be in communion and guardianship of all creation. I believe the rites put us in touch with our deep longing to be actively contributing to the well being of ourselves, all humans, animals, plants – and the planet itself. They also put us in touch with our true nature and the gifts we have to share. We take ownership of these gifts and willingly and gratefully share them with others. It is a great blessing to receive the rites and to give them. The Q’ero tell us that the rites are not for us individually – that they are to be shared. It is in the sharing that the rites deepen. They blossom when we share them with great munay, with love.” Luminous, Portal of Transcendance

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