Reiki Treatment

Thank you so much for healing my wrist!!!! I was blown away while out for dinner when I realised I had almost complete movement and absolutely no pain!! I was ready to see a doctor after 2 weeks of pain. Thank you! You are amazing and such an inspiration!
Samantha W.

After l had the session I felt so balanced and renewed and was feeling great. Few days after, I did feel a wave of emotions and much more energised and focused. My burning hands and issue with the redness has greatly improved and my feet have not burned at all since the treatment. I did also feel much more at ease and less anxious and happier. If I had a negative/anxious thought I was finding it easy to just let it pass over me… I was just amazed at how I felt after the session, I wish I had come to you sooner.
Jenny P.

I just can’t thank you enough for seeing my little boy and helping him and myself. Your beautiful nature and self, made him so relaxed and calm with you. You gave Keegan such beautiful memories and tools to be able to feel his energy and to relax. He said “it was the calmest I have ever felt Mummy” and he gets so excited talking about you and wanting to come and see you again. I was so happy when you said you would help him as he is only 6 1/2 and others didn’t feel they could. I tell everyone about you and how you are helping me too. Thank you once again.
Lynda and Keegan A.

I felt lighter after the first tratment and clearer (clear…clear…clear…clear…) after the second. Thanks again. Those treatments are priceless gifts.
Michael S.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge with me. I was truly inspired by my experience yesterday, your professionalism and the wonderful surroundings were better than I could have hoped for and I really am so pleased that I decided to come to you, not only for the upcoming course but also for yesterday’s treatment. The treatment not only gave me a nice introduction to Reiki, but unless I am mistaken my lower back and right hip feel much better.Many thanks.
Mark S.

Personal session- Mentoring

You have helped me so much over this new period I have entered. I cannot tell you how different my life would be had I not learnt techniques you shared with me. I am changing fast and it feels natural. Your understanding of me in my new cycle & new business, as well as coaching my focus and faith to being truly reliant has really an amazing experience. I don’t want to think what would have happened had I not started learning these incredibly important skills from you. I can’t wait to learn more this year.
Marina K.

My journey with Christine began when I turned into her driveway lined with beautiful green trees and winding through bush, I thought it was beautiful and I knew whatever I was about to experience was going to be life changing.
I was suffering from a number of symptoms including anxiety, high emotions, fatigue, unhappy, unable to concentrate. I really wanted to move forward, I wanted to be happy.  I had experienced years of stress and had been recently diagnosed with Hashimotos, my ability to perform my job was seriously impacted.  After the first session, I was in a much calmer place.  After a couple more treatments, I had reached a degree of calm that I hadn’t felt in years.
Christine is an amazing person who is able to see the person I want to become.  She listens without judgment, she asks questions to understand and offers gentle guidance.  She has a plethora of tools to choose from and she uses whichever method suits on the day.  Her mentoring sessions have seen me grow and get to a much better place in my life, I have been able to become clear on my purpose and where I want to be.  I now go to work without anxiety or stress.  I have strategies that I have been given that I work with to help in my personal growth and development.  I have learnt so much and with Christine’s help I have been able to move forward to a much better place.  Christine is beautiful, calm and peaceful.  I thoroughly enjoy spending time with her.
Kim G.

Just to let you know I have been practising my meditation every day and have join a fitness group to help me lose some weight so thank you for helping me on my way to a better life.Many thanks.
Marion B.

Reiki Courses

 There are teachers who leave a lasting impression. There are teachers who are able to say or do something that will change the way we think about something.
Then there are teachers who are so gifted that the changes they make are so profound, they transform us on many levels . . . and you are one of those rare and extraordinary teachers.
From the moment I had my first Reiki treatment with you, the experience was so wonderfully incredible that it brought me to tears. I knew from that moment I was going to love your Reiki course. Thank you for all your beautiful and precious teachings, exceptionally prepared and delivered, which are now part of my daily routine.
You are such an inspiration and I thank you so much for being a significant catalyst in my life. I look forward to attending your Reiki Workshop Level 2.
Helen L.

I’m blessed to have met Christine and to have had the opportunity to experience her beautiful home and heart. She has shown me over the last two days that she is an exceptional Reiki teacher and a caring and compassionate mentor. She has picked the most appropriate name for her business, Living Inspired. She is the life and soul behind these words and I encourage anyone who is taking that first, middle or final step and commitment to Reiki to seek her out and learn the essence of Reiki from a true guru.
Susan F.

Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend. You are full of so much wisdom and I’m so honored to have you as my reiki master/teacher. We definitely need more people like you around to spread love and heal those in need. The week we spent with you was so relaxing and cleansing. I learnt so much about myself, reiki, crystals and life. If I come across anyone who wants to learn reiki then I would definitely recommend you.
Donna B., Melbourne

Wow! What an experience these past two days have been! To learn and evolve in such a warm and friendly environment with similarly minded people has been a tremenduous joy full of positive energy, great food, laughter and new friends. I feel more focused, more powerful, with practical and awareness skills that I can use now. I am ready to move forward. Thanks Christine for geeting me on the pathway to improve my destiny.
Debbie R.

I had a lovely experience. It was a beautiful peaceful weekend in a serene environment. Christine is a great teacher with so much wisdom to share and I would love to do another course with her. It was a life changing weekend and I feel ready for my journey with Reiki.
Janelle B.

Thank you Christine for sharing your wisdom and insight this weekend. I am inspired and humbled by the loving Reiki energy that you have introduced to my life. You are an amazing teacher, and I can only hope that one day I will be half the teacher you are. Merci,
Belinda C.

After spending the weekend with Christine doing my Reiki 1st level I’m so excited about the future. The positive encouragement and messages received over the weekend have given me a new lease on life and I’m ready to move forward and start living the life meant for me without worrying what others think or feeling people are judging me. These tools are lessons I will take with me through life and I feel I have found a peace I was searching for. Thank you to Christine and the other 7 wonderful people in my course. Each and everyone of you have inspired me.

Reiki is a key to unlocking the beautiful light that is within each of us. It is a journey that will change your life and bring new energy to all parts of your life. Making the decision to do my Master with Christine is one I am so happy I made. Her professional loving and nurturing nature created such a wonderful learning environement. If you are considering going to a career as a Reiki practitioner or simply would like to know how to heal yourself Christine will guide you and support you each step of the way.
Angela C.

After my treatment with you the other week, which as you know I was completely blown away with the whole experience, I had very high expectations of the course. My expectations were not only met but were well and truly exceeded. The professionalism and nurturing that I felt during my treatment carried on into the course which was so well organised that everything just flowed. It is so obvious that you are very passionate, not only about Reiki, but also about sharing your vast knowledge and experience, and of course, we students are the huge benefactors of your kind giving. This morning I completed my practice including my precepts and on completion I felt that I couldn’t have commenced my day with a more positive or meaningful experience. Thank you so much for sharing you valuable time and experience with us, you really are a treasure.
Mark S.

Christine held a beautiful safe and nurturing space to explore the energy of Reiki. The small group size enabled a deeper experience and sense of connection. As students we were able to feel the shift in ourselves as well as experience the changes in each others.
Marissa C., Brisbane

I had a beautiful and blissful time with Christine. I had a full on hands on experience and deep spiritual journey. I hope that many other people will benefit from this self-growing experience.
Isis S.D., Brisbane

Dear Christine, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Reiki course! I am so grateful to have learned about this amazing healing technique! You are a wonderful teacher and a gifted practitioner and I would recommend your course and treatments to anyone. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills and healing hands with me! I know you will continue to inspire many people for years to come.

Samantha W.

The whole course is an infusion of peace. An eye and heart opener. My initial intention was to learn Reiki to raise my awareness to myself and to others, listen more attentively. I now realise that there is much more into Reiki. This is truly a simple way to change your daily life.
Jacques M.

Thank you Christine for a mind opening energy filled weekend. You teach with passion and realness, which I really enjoyed. I am looking forward to the next workshop.
Bodhi W.

Thank you so much. The workshop and staying overnight at the paradise of La Hacienda was soul nourishing. I now understand Reiki and how significant it is to me and everything outside me. To anyone wanting to design a better life for themselves and especially if you are creating anything for others, contact Christine and learn Reiki from a Master.
Marina K.

The course is extremely positively presented and well explained by Christine who is a warm, welcoming and inspiring person. Doing the course opens you up to endless possibilities to have a powerful, peaceful life.
Sue L.

I highly recommend Reiki level 1. I felt that Christine has opened my consciousness to a higher level. Reiki provided me with a lifetime of knowledge, not only to benefit my life but to help others. I am forever grateful to Christine for teaching me this wonderful course. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience. Love and light,
Shannan W.

About a year ago, I completed Reiki 1 with Christine. It was a great introduction. I was ‘called’ to the challenge of Reiki 2 and it was the best step I could take in my spiritual development path. I credit this growth to the course Christine has developed and the environment in which we learn. Do reiki 2 and do it with Christine; no one will be as patient, kind and committed.
Ellen R.

Learning Reiki with Christine has been a beautiful and inspiring experience. Only after 2 days I feel an inner shift and I am motivated to continue on this path of awareness, harmony and balance.
Chantal P.

I use Reiki everyday. I have learnt so much about the shapes of the chakras and how Reiki can relieve pain. Thank you for all the skills you have shown me, Reiki is an integral part of my life.Love,
Georgia S.

It was an absolutely amazing experience! It has inspired me to look after myself and in doing so I can help others. Christine is a wonderful teacher and I can’t wait to do Reiki 2.
Jennifer H.

Reiki and Crystals

Thank you for a very informative, inspirational day.
Your energy is lovely. As is the energy of your students.Food was lovely. Your home is lovely.Thank you,Thank you so very much.
Brenda M.

As always such a wonderful vibe and atmosphere learning 1st Degree Crystals and Reiki with Christine. My knowledge and understanding of crystals has deepened.Truly empowering, I would recommend to everyone who has any level of experience with Reiki.
Georgia S.

It was a wonderful workshop. Christine is an amazing teacher. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has so much to share. Highly recommend.

Sarah D.

Rewire Your Brain Workshop

If you are ready or searching for a new direction in your life, if you have an interest and appreciation of energy effects at a personal and global level, you can gain real benefit from this workshop. Christine and Richard are well studied and passionate examples of the important principles imparted. Nothing to lose on this day and so much to gain. Life changing.
Ellen R.

It’s a really good day to recalibrate. Plenty of good tools with a new twist to either get you on track or help you back to a well worn path. I did the first workshop last weekend and am discovery new benefits every day. Relaxing, inspiring, challenging, enlightening.
Ellen R.

This workshop helps to clarify your mind and find solutions to create the life you want to live. It inspires you to take the time to do things which make your heart sing; to take small, simple steps to make big changes which will improve your life. It is a very informative and motivating day of learning and sharing.
Samantha W.

This workshop is a gift. A whole day in which to identify areas of problematic habits and inachieved goals and then to refine in small steps how to eliminate the bad habits and acquire new ones. In a friendly gentle atmosphere one is guided to realign and become congruent with one values and goals.
Nicola W.

Change Your Brain and Create The life You Want

Very interesting! I now have new tools to help change my thoughts and I can see more clearly how I can create the life I want. Michelle G.

Comfortable and safe learning. A catalyst for changes needed. Stephanie C.

A lovely, safe setting to attempt and introduce new meditational experiences. A lovely positive experience.
Chelena A.

Very happy with the course that I found enlightening. I didn’t know anything about meditation before. Looking forward to putting this in practice as part of my daily life.
Marion B.

 Alive and Shining

How can you not get anything from listening to Christine, brilliant speaker with so much knowledge. I also really enjoyed learning about the benefits of breathing from Bodhi. In all a great day with great people learning wonderful new techniques.
Mel S.

Very complete course as the exercises, tools and explanations refers to all the areas of life. All put in a simple and practical way. Very comfortable, truthful environment. I was looking for centering, grounding and power to acknowledge and face the fears that ‘heold me back’ and the exercises given by Christine and Bodhi definitevely serve this purpose. If you are looking for inner peace, inner guidance or inner power and the best of you, this is a must to attend.
Johanna G.

I am happy to say that experiencing Bodhi ‘s breathing techniques for the second time was exactly what I needed. I think it is important to re-tap into his wisdom and passion for the breath.
Christine immediately puts you at ease. She radiates health, happiness and good intentions. I am inspired by her Reiki to take action  to create the necessary positive boundaries needed in my life. I look forward continuing working on myself with her help and guidance.Thank you both for a fantastic day.
Kristen S.

Art and Creativity Follow Your Dreams Workshop

I attended a course conducted by Christine  yesterday in putting your dreams/emotions onto canvas with texture, colour, shapes etc. I felt a deep sense of peace, accomplishment and satisfaction during and after the workshop. It was a great group and to have a professional guide you on the techniques was a real benefit. The painting didn’t turn out too bad either!
Brett T.

Embracing Change

Ready for change? Wanting Change in your life? Embracing Change will bring it. A great workshop with caring people in a lovely environment.
Susan F.

This workshop will inspire you to open your mind to new ways of thinking about your life. The GoddessGuide cards are a beautuful soft energy to bring you the messages that you need to hear.
Karen G.

I found the workshop great for self-awareness and opening up to change.
Gwyllyn W.

I felt more confident in talking to strangers after this day:)
Kimi K.

Do it for yourself, you are worth it!
Lucy G.

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