Why do we need to quiet our mind?
In an average day, we have up to 70.000 thoughts, which is looking at it coldly is quite frightening. Many people cannot stand to be alone without adding to the backgroung their TV or favourite talk show. We don’t realise that this permanent inner and outer noise is preventing us, not only to be fully present in the moment but also to tune in to listen to our intuition and to the signals that our body is sending us to warn us of fatigue or imminence of a disease.
There are many ways to give a break to our mind.The first one is to cultivate this inner silence which help us slow down our body, relax muscular tensions and brings more clarity and more compassion. I regularly practice meditation, 10 minutes every morning and (or) every night is enough to make a difference in someone’s life. meditation helps us to become more resistant to stress, to be calmer, our heart rate slows down, our concentration increases.Test conducted by major universities, and research centres have demonstrated that meditation has beneficial effects on our physical and mental health.
In her book ‘Extraordinary knowing” Elisabeth Lloyd Mayer demonstrates the positive results of meditation gained by patients treated for cancer.
20 minutes of daily practice can contribute significantly to the reduction of stress, anxiety and anger and improve concentration. 30 minutes a day, significantly improves the immune system, accelerates healing, reduces arterial pressure and reinforces positive emotions.

Another of my regular practice is Reiki, when I give myself or one of my patient a treatment my mind is still, open to receive and transmit messages, completely absorbed in the moment, tuning in with the energy of the person on the healing table or my own energy. Everyone can learn Reiki, in a short WE after level one you can give yourself and your family or friends very efficient treatments.

Breathing or Pranayam is also a great way to stop the chatter, it brings more oxygen to the body cleansing our lungs and blood on the way.

We have the choice to improve our health, our relationships and our experience of life by being more aware and more centred.
Take time everyday to stop and calm your mind just to enjoy being present and you will start loving the fulness of silence.

We are our Stories
Along the years, working on myself and working with others, I have completely integrated the fact that drama doesn’t exist. It is just an interpretation based on our own strory of what’s happening. Two persons can live the same “catastrophe” and have a different perception and lasting memories of it. A Course In Miracles states: “I am not a victim of the world I see.”

Trauma always leaves a scar in people energy field. As a Healer I can feel and often see it and help people reconnecting with this particular part of their story. I may also help them to understand the lesson, and look at the event from another perspective. Shammans call this practice Soul Retrieval, bringing back lost qualities and erasing the fears and beliefs, which have been created instead.
After, it is up to each person to decide to rewrite this chapter of their life and change it for a new one where there is no more victim, or failure, but only opportunities to learn, grow and develop new neural pathways of joy, compassion & inner peace.

Reiki brings Joy, growth and motivation
For me Reiki is more than a healing technique that I practice and share with my friends, clients and students. It is a way of life, an inspiring way of Being bringing joy, peace and harmony at every minute of my life. I am grateful for this gift and for being able to share it:)

“In order to change the print out of the body, we must learn to rewrite the software of the mind.” Deepak Chopra
Our culture has ignored for a very long time the influence of thoughts and emotions on our physical health. Negative thoughts and emotions lower the immune system, while positive thought and emotions actually boost the immune system. We are just beginning to understand the interdependence of the brain and the immune system, how they help to regulate and counterregulate each other and how they themselves can malfunction and produce disease.

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