Four Hands Treatment

Four Hands To Heal

This powerful healing treatment is based on the polarity of a male and female practitioner’s energy using complimentary styles of energetic healing.

dropletsWe live in a world consisting of many opposites, which can be found in all aspects of life, particularly with emotions and feelings. We also know that for sadness there is joy, for love there is fear, for hatred there is compassion, for anger there is forgiveness. The opposites also reflect the nature of creation in separate male and female energy systems with the polarity of each existing in the consciousness of each of us.

The aim of creation and the Four Hands Treatment is to establish Harmony and Balance in our Emotions and Energy bodies by applied energies from the male and female practitioner, cleansing energizing and harmonizing on the etheric, emotional and spiritual levels.

A treatment is a very powerful experience, which brings lasting and profound change, improves health and increases wellbeing.

Treatment is undertaken using a combination of Reiki, Kinesiology, Pranic and Theta healing principals and may include a combination of aura and chakra clearing and healing, intuitive crystals therapy, spiritual guidance, life path advice, inner child healing, channelling, past life healing, entity removal, psychic surgery…Practitioners Christine Maudy and Brett Treacy.

Four Hands Treatment
Price: $140

Distance Healing is available (Skype or phone consultation)
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