Past Life and Soul Regression Therapy

A Path to Heal Past Life Memories and Understand Your Soul Journey

seashellWhat is Past Life Therapy? Discovering that we have all lived past lives is a door to a greater understanding of life, a confirmation that we are more than this body, that our true nature is spiritual. It allows us to comprehend the very purpose and journey of the soul and of our ability to transform our life. We realize that there is no reason to fear death and that we will probably meet again those who are part of our Soul Family.
Have you ever wondered if you have lived before and what it would be like to venture into the past? Past life recall is one of the most fascinating experience one can have.For me there are no doubts, I have lived before and travelling through some of my past lives has been an amazing journey. I feel more connected to my purpose and I have a deeper understanding of what I came to learn in this present life.

What is the purpose of Past Life Regression Therapy? Reincarnation is a very ancient concept and is based on the belief that our soul is immortal and returns to experience many other lives in order to learn and grow. We unconsciously carry forward memories, beliefs and patterns from past lives into our current lifetime. Sometime it manifests as a feeling of “déjà vu”, an immediate deep friendship with someone just met or an irresistible pull to learn a foreign language. Other times, we carry forward traumatic experiences, unresolved relationships that are still interfering either mentally, physically and spiritually in our current life.
Exploring a past life is an opportunity to explain and heal unresolved problems like pain, disease, phobias, depression…. It is also an amazing process to review some of our past life’s lessons, gain clarity on our path, heal relationships and patterns, receive guidance and sometimes visit the realm of spirits.
There are not two sessions identical, each one is a deep dive in one’s Psyche and a journey of discovery and learning. I am often amazed at how clear the link between the past life visited and the client’s current life is.The impact of Past- Life Therapy is often profound.

What To Expect During a Session? During a Past Life Therapy Session the client is guided into a deep state of relaxation through a unique hypnotic and guided imagery process where memories, that are normally unconscious, can be accessed. You are still completely aware of yourself and your surroundings and able to talk. You will then be guided through visualization into memories of your childhood and then to a Past Life relevant for you today. You will have the opportunity to explore significant events and relationships, ask questions. At the end of the session you will experience leaving your body and the healing phase of your treatment will take place. During the days and weeks after the treatment, people become very aware of the changes they are experiencing on many levels. It is a very empowering process which gives a new meaning and understanding of life.

Past Life Regression Therapy is a magical experience that can really help individuals to better understand their journey and to transform significantly their life. Past-lives experiences brought to consciousness can heal physical symptoms; help release energetic blocks, traumas, fears, phobias and change deeply rooted beliefs forever.

Do you wish to discover some of your past lives and gain a deeper understanding of your Soul Journey? Contact me now.
Past Life Therapy Session allow 2,5 hour
Price: $180

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What is Soul Regression Therapy™? Soul Regression Therapy™ – After Death Experience is a more advanced regression process available to clients who have already experienced Past Life Regression with me. It is very valuable for People wishing to gain a deeper understanding of their soul journey. The session encompasses Past Life and After Life Regression. At the end of the past life, the client is guided beyond death to access the realm of the afterlife, the world of the bardo (or in-between). An experience which allows to access the wisdom, peace and guidance of spiritual guides, deceased loved ones, soul family… This process can be very enlightening and healing, bringing a deep sense of purpose and understanding of the soul journey.

Soul Regression Therapy™ and After life allow 3 hour
Price: $200

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Christine is an experienced certified Past Life and Soul Regression Therapy® Practitioner trained by the Jackson Institute ((approved IICT Training). She offers sessions in English and in French on the Sunshine Coast (Woombye and Maroochydore), Melbourne and in France where she goes yearly.
There are many approaches to Past Life Regression, and it is important to check your therapist qualifications. Registered practitioners have been trained to not only lead clients safely through a past life death, but also to facilitate the integration process which is the key to healing and evolution.

To know that we’ve lived before is to know that we will live again, and again, and again until we finally reach enlightenment and attain perfection. Perfection is the goal of the spiritual path, but the wisdom teachings define it differently from the idealistic perfection of the visionary mystic. It is a state of spiritual being in which the soul, or higher Self, is fully awakened, in control of its personality, responsible for creating its own reality, and also for co-creating the collective reality experienced by all incarnate souls on Earth. Imagine what our world will become as more and more of us come to know, as fact, that we have lived before.’
Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg

Soul Regression Therapy™ was co-created and developed by Lorna and John Jackson, founders, principals, key hypnotherapists and trainers at the The Soul Regression Institute in Brisbane, Australia.

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