Journey to the Heart

A journey of self discovery to open your heart

Do you, without being conscious of it, resist to love? Do you really love yourself or are you your worst critic? I invite you to restore your connection with your heart and to awaken its power, beauty and intelligence. You have the choice to make it a weekend just for you or to come for the workshop and spend the evening with your family. This retreat will provide a safe and supportive environment to help you discover how to work through blocked feelings, free yourself from the past, reconnect with core truths, and learn to live more fully from your heart.

Radiant:282Enjoy the comforting atmosphere of the place located in the lush environment of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Immerse yourself in the sub-tropical garden and feel the healing power of nature. Do you know that you need as little as five minutes in nature every day to receive great benefits?

The first part of Journey to the Heart will be sharing stories, a process which allows emotions to surface and puts the light on beliefs and patterns. A great way to help you clear resistance to any past trauma, change your perception and gain clarity, focus and enthusiam to move forward.

You will practice and take with you tools to cultivate inner peace, joy, clarity of mind and improve your self-esteem and confidence

Learn to appreciate and take care of your body, through some breathing, energy work and gentle movement, healthy high raw food and juices. Discover some delicious healthy recipes to bring back with you at home.

Journey to the Heart offers you a great opportunity

  • Release stress, sadness and limitations
  • Balance and clear your chakras and your energy field
  • Open your Heart and connect to the energy of Love
  • Learn new tools to increase self-acceptance, joy and compassion
  • Experience a real break with like minded people
  • Enjoy beautiful High Raw food in a pristine environment

You will leave the Retreat feeling relaxed, happy, empowered, ready to create a life of fulfilment, meaning and Love.

Next Journey to the Heart Retreat 

– 27/11/16 from 10 am to 4pm

Price: $ 110 p/p (includes organic lunch, healthy treats)

Option to overnight Accommodation 29/10/16 and Breakfast:

Price: $ 60 p/p (Double)

$90 p/p (Single)


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