Christine Maudy

Christine Maudy

Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher– Traditional Usui System of Reiki
Certified Past Life Regression Practitioner- Jackson Institute (approved IICT Training)
Certified Soul Regression Therapy- Jackson Institute (approved IICT Training)
Diploma Basic Hypnosis – Jackson Institute (approved IICT Training)
Diploma Specialized Education-France
Young Living Essential Oils Independant Distributor Number 1015418

Member of Reiki Australia
Member Soul Regression Therapy Institute
Member of IICT

Christine Maudy has moved from Paris to the Sunshine Coast in 1995, leaving a successful career, to follow her personal path. She is an international artist and motivational speaker, holds a certificate in specialized education and basic hypnosis, is a certified Usui Reiki Master (practitioner and teacher), a certified Soul Regression Therapist, a Mentor, an Intuitive Healer and so much more! Her personal journey has guided her to develop a regular spiritual practice and the desire to offer her dedicated support and experience to everyone in search of fresh motivation, change and healing in Australia and overseas (France, Singapore).

“I have created Living Inspired to share my expertise as a teacher, an entrepreneur, a healer and an artist, to help others embrace their life. I offer my skills, my intuition and experience to help you access your inner wisdom and creativity, become aware of your beliefs and values and deepen your own spiritual connection and enthusiasm for life. My passion is inspiring individuals to find the courage to live a life that is authentic, free, embodied and vibrant! I use a practical and grounded approach. My background as an entrepreneur has taught me about goal setting, commitment and success.”
Interview ABC Sunshine Coast Modalities 10 December 2012, 2:29 PM by Mary-Lou Stephens-
Interview Spirited Women Movement I am not a victim of the world I see, 23 September 2013 by Natalie Hennessey

Christine combines her formal training and extensive knowledge with an amazing professional experience. A qualified specialised educator, she has worked with mentally and socially challenged children before launching her own fashion label in Paris. Ten years later she launched a Public Relations Company. In 1995, a travel in Africa led her to follow her heart and leave France to satisfy her need to immerse herself in nature and unleash her creativity and healing abilities.

La Dolce Vita

A prolific and insightful artist with more than 27 solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas, Christine has received over a relatively short period substantial critical acclaim. The study of Reiki and the encounter with Jessie Ayani (Heart of the Sun, The Healing of the Rainbow Body), Kim Maree White (Awakening With angels) and Jacqueline Trost (an exceptional clinical psychologist) have guided her to become part of the growing number of people in service to others.

“I believe that everyone has the power to create a more fulfilled and meaningful life. My personal journey has allowed me to discover and master some amazing modalities. Reiki offers an inspiring path and brings not only a clear energy and healing but also personal growth . My Reiki and healing sessions are enhanced by the Sekhem (channelled to me during a meditation) and the Munay-Ki energy.”
Christine holds regular workshops on a beautiful property in the Sunshine Coast Qld (accommodation possible) and in different places (Melbourne, Maroochydore, Paris). She teaches all levels of the traditional Dr. Mikao Usui Reiki System, the Munay-Ki and many other courses. She also offers treatments: Reiki, Intuitive healing, journeying-Soul retrieval, Past Life and Soul Regression Therapy, The Bars and Four Hands Healing.

Christine is available for one on one mentoring. Personal Sessions are perfect for everyone in search of fresh motivation, change and healing; to investigate in depth some personal challenges and receive support and guidance to achieve their goals.
She endeavours to help her clients develop strategies to empower themselves and master their life. Her Healing and Mentoring Sessions are available anywhere in the world through Distance Healing and Skype Consultation.

A passionate teacher and seeker with an insatiable quest for knowledge, she welcomes invitations to participate to seminars, workshops, and study groups in all areas around spiritual development, emotional freedom, wellbeing, art and creativity. If you would like Christine to talk or present a workshop at your next event you can email her.
To book a session or ask for details call 0418 188 210 or contact us.

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