Change Your Mind and Create the Life You Want

Create The Change You Want To Be.
A one-day for a better health and happiness

Smiling-woman“In order to change the print out of the body, we must learn to rewrite the software of the mind.”
Deepak Chopra

Are you willing to create a life of joy, optimum health, harmony, freedom and higher consciousness?
It is when things get wrong that we realise that health is our most important asset. What is the influence of our emotions on our body? Why is it difficult to change? The answers lie in our subconscious mind. Past traumas, emotional blocks and beliefs override our conscious decisions again and again, and each time it does, the thought and behaviour pattern become stronger. When we become aware of this process, we can replace our beliefs, improve our health and wellbeing and manifest the life we want.

If you suffer from conditions such as IBS, diabetes, auto-immune disease, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia… or just want to gain more clarity, power up your brain, increase your energy and take care of your physical and emotional health join me and create the life you want.
You will learn a full spectrum of simple and yet very efficient techniques drawn from hypnosis, meditation and Reiki, identify your negative emotions and make your brain your greatest friend on the path to personal fulfilment, happiness, optimal health and longevity.

Learn different tools to help you:
Make Peace– Free yourself from negative memories and emotions
Develop Happiness– Develop a positive emotional attitude
Calm Your Mind, Heal Yourself– Activate your body’s ability to heal
Sharpen Your Intuition– Unlock your creative and intuitive power
Improve Your Confidence– Learn to trust and attract success.
Create the Life You Want– How to set goals and manifest your dreams
The course is open to everyone, whether you are novice in meditation, wish to deepen your practice, get support or (and) learn new tools.

My Gift to You:
Each participant will receive Free-supporting materials including a 20 minute guided visualisation download with to take away, use and share.
Please note booking is necessary.
Next One-Day course: TBA From 10 am to 4pm
On a beautiful property in Woombye.
Price: $110

Early bird pay before 10/09/16
Price: $90

For one-on-one sessions look at Mentoring.

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