Sense the World, Sense Your Spirit

A course to develop your intuitive and extrasensory abilities

Do you believe that there is more than what the eye can see?
There is an amazing source of knowledge and energy that is waiting for those willing to tune in. If you believe and accept that there is a higher realm beyond your own physical body, you are ready to access an unlimited source of knowledge and learn to connect to its subtle vibrations.
Join me for a day of discovery, develop your extrasensory skills and your power to tune into the invisible world and increase your psychic and intuitive awareness.

I believe most of us can develop or re-discover their extrasensory skills and their power to tune into the invisible world.
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An essential course for massage therapists, nurses, psychologists, Reiki practitioners…and anyone interested par developing their skills and learning to communicate with their guides and deceased loved ones.
There is just a thin veil between the physical world and the invisible world. The only thing preventing us to access to this source of knowledge and guidance is our mind.


During the course you will practice and learn how to:

  • Scan your body, your energy field and raise your vibration.
  •  Set boundaries to be safe in the physical and the spiritual world
  • Develop your intuition, trust and let go of fear.
  • Create a clear channel to connect and to communicate with the Spiritual world.
  • Learn about Spirit Guides and how to receive guidance.
  • Learn about entities and how to release them
  • Develop your sensory perceptions
  • Tune in to the unseen, guided visualisation and journeying to contact your spirit guides and Power animal.

Next Courses on the Sunshine Coast:

-22/10/17 From 10am to 4pm


Special offer “Bring a friend”

Price:$180 ($90 each) 

Places are limited, please book early. Any questions Contact me>>

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