The Art of Shamanic Journeying

Walking Your Highest Path

“There are those who follow maps and those who makes them” Alberto Villoldo

In this experiential and practical one-day workshop, we will explore Shamanic Journeywork. Native American shamans have practiced energy medicine for thousands of years to bring balance and healing to every level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Journeying is a significant aspect of Shamanic practice and a powerful process for spiritual growth and healing. It allows us to access safely other realms of consciousness and offers a very rich and stimulating spiritual experience useful to deepen our connection to our self and to Spirit, reclaim our personal power, and receive guidance and healing.

This workshop is open to participants who already had some previous shamanic experience and/or wish to find another way to expand their consciousness and learn about the truth of other realities. Shamanic Journeying is a powerful tool for practitioners and non- practitioners alike.

During the day you will learn and experience

  • A state of meditative expanded consciousness
  • Exploring your Soul and Spirit Chakra (8th and 9th chakra)
  • Connecting with the Sacred through ceremony and rituals
  • Journeying through the Lower World (travel to the Garden of Eden and the Four chambers, a powerful practice to mend the past, retrieve lost parts of the soul, find your gifts and/or calling…)
  • Contact and communication with your Spiritual Guides and Power Animals.
  • Embodying your power animal

When: 4/08/18 from 10 to 4pm

Price: $120

Early bird pay before 28/02/18

Price: $100

Places are limited, please book early. Any questions Contact me>>

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